Thursday, 19 February 2015

Been a bit

Hi everyone, I hope your all well,

So sorry for the lack of stuff over here. Most of my updates have been straight to FB as it's been quicker, But I know I need to update and alter here toooo.

Ok First please be aware that many of my completed drawing can be found on my website at

Like this  drawing of a horse head

This site is still Wip so changes here and there.

I'm still working though my course and hope to finish that soon. Once done I hope to be able to start commissions again. I miss you lovely customers.

I'm still going through several life challenges, with many more hoops of fire to leap through.

The garden wildlife is doing well. we now have around 4 badgers in the garden, I'm able to get withing 5 -6 foot of them, but I'm not ready to start photographing yet.

I set up a mouse cam using my tracker cam  and have had some good results. So I hope to develop this soon.

So till I have more to show take care and all the best please see my website and Flickr pages for updates.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Hi everyone,

Well im still having a mad time, But in it all I managed to make a new tutorial for CUP

New Tutorial

I know I sound terrible! luckly I just show in the the beginning.
I have added a few new items to the site and hope they might be of use to crafters, Click on the Crafts u print tab on the left on the home page to go to crafts U print and be inspired by everyones work.
So take care everyone.

Sunday, 2 November 2014


Hi evryone sorry for the lack of stuff Im having IT issues and such Im about to use my 3rd keyboard in a month...... Im also snowed under with other stuff.

Important stuff:

Sale on EBay of craft bits please check it out (see link) serious bargains

And heres a photo of my latest work im working through. I am showing this live on Livestream on occasion If you follow me on FB you will see the announcements when im doing a live show.

And a photo of a Toad, because they are Toadally awesome.

I hope to have some more updates soon I just have a lot of hurdles to jump over and rings to jump through right now.

Friday, 1 August 2014


Hi everyone, I hope your all well,

Sorry for the lack of posts, I'm still rather busy dealing with life right now. I have been out with the camera and seen some great things, sadly the lens i'm using is not working great so nothings really coming out that good.

Here's some Lapwings in Flight from the reserve down the road from me.

I've also been lucky to see nesting Terns there and lots of other amazing birds.

Art wise i'm privileged to have joined the Island Artist group on Portland who have been giving me great help and support. I'm learning new mediums with them which is hard but great fun. Right now I have three projects on the go, so kinda fun.

I also have a better job with the NHS now which I start in a  few weeks. So even more to learn and hopefully do well at.

So there you have it roughly.
So till next time take care everyone and all the best

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Whats up

Hi everyone, so sorry for the lack of uploads,

Life has been a tad busy. If you would like to see whats been going on please pop over to my Flickr page and see the new images. I hope to have a proper uploads soon and be able to fill you all in on the latest stuffy stuff stuffums.
Till then take care everyone
Best wishes

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

 Hi everyone,
I hope your all well.

Well things are quite busy I've gotten a quick sketch in to The latest Helpful bear comp, which was to create a super monster, I found most of my copics are dry whilst working on this, Have to think about replacing them. (Working out costs)

Got a quick entry in to the latest copic challenge on FB, though it's not a card the challenge was to use all Y pens, so there you go. I thought I would include as many Easter themes as possible without going to extreme.

I finished my terrier sketch and have got it on sale at Crafts you print.
I've been to several interviews, applied for loads of jobs, helps with the house work, and DIY (don't injure yourself)

And whilst waiting for the next lot of fun have started another sketch. This time on A3. This is a first for me so I can but hope it will be ok. Im using an 0.3 pencil (hugs)

So have to see how this one goes, Im trying to learn as much as possible to improve my sketches.
So till next time take care and best wishes to all.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Mess up and back to the board

Hi everyone, I hope your all well,
First off I have a 20% sale on all my CUP items if your after a bargin. (see link to left)

Well I managed to mess up the horse image Biiiiiig time. I was not concentrating and was thinking of other things so it went splat

I might try again when my heads in the right place. I think it's important to show that I stuffed up and that not everything goes to plan, it helps me no end.
Sadly being unemployed tends to grate on the brain. I am applying for jobs all the time , but down here it's around 80 people applying per Job and so shining and standing out is harder, But I'm still going for it.

Anywhoo on to something else. Here's my next sketch

Fingers crossed I can get this right I'm feeling happier with it. So I should have an update in the next week or so to show you how it's going.
So till then take care and best wishes to all