Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Mess up and back to the board

Hi everyone, I hope your all well,
First off I have a 20% sale on all my CUP items if your after a bargin. (see link to left)

Well I managed to mess up the horse image Biiiiiig time. I was not concentrating and was thinking of other things so it went splat

I might try again when my heads in the right place. I think it's important to show that I stuffed up and that not everything goes to plan, it helps me no end.
Sadly being unemployed tends to grate on the brain. I am applying for jobs all the time , but down here it's around 80 people applying per Job and so shining and standing out is harder, But I'm still going for it.

Anywhoo on to something else. Here's my next sketch

Fingers crossed I can get this right I'm feeling happier with it. So I should have an update in the next week or so to show you how it's going.
So till then take care and best wishes to all

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