Thursday, 19 February 2015

Been a bit

Hi everyone, I hope your all well,

So sorry for the lack of stuff over here. Most of my updates have been straight to FB as it's been quicker, But I know I need to update and alter here toooo.

Ok First please be aware that many of my completed drawing can be found on my website at

Like this  drawing of a horse head

This site is still Wip so changes here and there.

I'm still working though my course and hope to finish that soon. Once done I hope to be able to start commissions again. I miss you lovely customers.

I'm still going through several life challenges, with many more hoops of fire to leap through.

The garden wildlife is doing well. we now have around 4 badgers in the garden, I'm able to get withing 5 -6 foot of them, but I'm not ready to start photographing yet.

I set up a mouse cam using my tracker cam  and have had some good results. So I hope to develop this soon.

So till I have more to show take care and all the best please see my website and Flickr pages for updates.

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