Friday, 1 August 2014


Hi everyone, I hope your all well,

Sorry for the lack of posts, I'm still rather busy dealing with life right now. I have been out with the camera and seen some great things, sadly the lens i'm using is not working great so nothings really coming out that good.

Here's some Lapwings in Flight from the reserve down the road from me.

I've also been lucky to see nesting Terns there and lots of other amazing birds.

Art wise i'm privileged to have joined the Island Artist group on Portland who have been giving me great help and support. I'm learning new mediums with them which is hard but great fun. Right now I have three projects on the go, so kinda fun.

I also have a better job with the NHS now which I start in a  few weeks. So even more to learn and hopefully do well at.

So there you have it roughly.
So till next time take care everyone and all the best

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