Friday, 22 November 2013

Latest Fun

Hi everyone, I hope your all well.

Im feeling happy right now as i'm 5 YES only 5 sales away from becoming a bronze designer on Crafts U Print. Yer I know It's the first step , but it will mean so much to me. I will feel even more of a member and part of the outstanding team of people who provide craft supplies to so many customers. (insert biiig smiley).

This is a sneak peak of a new design Im going to be putting up.
Yep some Racing sea horses. Yer bit mad , but maybe a racing fan might like it. You never know.

I've been busy and there's a load of new designs from me now available on Crafts U Print too.So please feel free to take a peek and feed back is always welcome.

Aswell as the CUP work, I did a quick entry for a contest being run by Helpful Bear Productionss. The contest is to design a creature so I came up with this critter.

I wish life was not so busy as I would have liked to spend more time on it, But hay ho! It's a cross of Deer and several types of Dinosaur. It was a shear pleasure to draw and colour with my Copics. Hopefully If they do another com I will have more time to spend on it. Please check out all the submissions people have done they are breathtaking. It's on Facebook..

Any way back to the grindstone. Take care all and best wishes.

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