Saturday, 22 February 2014

Spectum noir Review Part 1

Hi everyone. I hope your all well.

I went and got some Spectrum Noir Blendable pencils and thought I should do a little review on them.Please note these are my personal thoughts though and from an art side not a crafting side.

Tins I got :- Marine, Floral, Nature, and Primaries I was unable to get the Essentials tin.

First thoughts: Came in nice 1 layer tins with foam cover.The plastic try insert has nice deep gaps so the pencils dont roll out. The wood of the pencils smells strong and they were all even. Pencils have a black and gold smooth coating to them.

Issues The number that is the colour is in shiny gold at the end of the pencil, this will eventually rub off leaving a tricky shadow on a black pencil to see.
The tins come in select groups and my first job was to put them in to their true colour groups.(took a while) This way I had reds in one place , blues in another etc, etc
None of the 4 kits I got had a blender pencil in them or a black and white pencil. This was a disappointment as how can you follow the idea of blendable without one? Luckily I have paper pencil blenders and Prismacolour blenders, but for anyone buying these kits it will mean other trip to the shops.

I drew a quick eye and using nearly all the blues in the 4 kits had a play. I used 80gsm cartridge paper

Using a circular motion the pencils cover good ground and are even. They need to be sharp for lines and detail.

Note, Get a top end desk sharpened for these so the lead stuff does not break, which may happen with hand help sharpeners.

Without a Black and White pencil In the kits I got, I had to use my Prismacolour ones. These worked fine with the Spectrum Noir pencils.

To get the highlights I used my battery eraser. Note:- If you use one don't use your had to remove the dust this will smudge the image, use a gentle brush instead.

So Far Im happy with the way they layer and the colours. I still have a bit of playing to do, with different papers and combos, I hope though this will help a few people.

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